I V L aka Inga Vatsk - Laasner

Fashion Designer From Estonia

 I V L is Inga Vatsk-Laasner’s brand, which was established in autumn 2017 to embody her personal sense of style in fashion. The brand is independent and does not limit itself to particular seasons. I V L represents slowly evolving contemporary, high-quality fashion that believes in conscious consumption.

Inga’s extensive modelling and styling experience, backed up by her daily constructive work in the financial world, are the key influences for a structurally minimalist yet conceptually luxurious look. The clean-lined cuts are influenced by street style, oddities, art, music and cinema as well as mutated rationality.

Most of the brand’s products are one-offs, with only a few items produced in micro-series.

I V L / Inga Vatsk-Laasner was nominated for the 2018 Silver Needle Award.

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